Eskar House Rules

These house rules are for use in the Eskar campaign setting.

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Player Meta Roles


  • Characters can choose races from available books with a level adjust of up to +1 (Eskar PC Race List)
  • Characters can choose classes from available books (Eskar Class List)
  • All skills are now class skills except:
    • Autohypnosis
    • Control Shape
    • Disable Device
    • Iaijutsu Focus
    • Open Lock
    • Psicraft
    • Spellcraft
    • Use Magic Device
    • Use Psionic Device
  • Skills are still treated as class skills if normally granted by a selected class
  • Hit points are gained at the maximum per Hit Dice per level
  • Heroic Vitality: +3 hit points per level
  • Natural Versatility: +3 bonus skill points per level
  • Free Background feat
  • Free Regional feat
  • Free Zodiac feat
  • Feats gained at level 1 & every 2 levels (instead of level 1 & every 3 levels)
  • Ability points are gained every 2 levels instead of every 4 levels

Rule Changes

  • Toughness feat: 3 hitpoints per level, retroactive
  • Craft: Alchemy: Same as normal, but does not require caster levels to use (treat your character level as your caster level)
  • Cleric: May choose any two domains
  • Paladin: May choose any alignment
  • Drain damage: Casting a spell incurs Drain damage (nonlethal damage) per spell level, to a minimum of 1 Drain damage. This damage is rolled after the spell is cast and resolved.
  • Additional Magic Rules: Eskar Magic
  • Magic Changes & Drain:
    • Prepared Casters
      • Casting a spell does not erase it from the spell slot, much like a spontaneous caster
      • When casting a spell, suffer 1d8 Drain damage per spell level, to a minimum of 1
      • May swap prepared spells after a short rest (1 hour)
    • Spontaneous Casters
      • When casting a spell, suffer 1d6 Drain damage per spell level, to a minimum of 1
      • May replace one learned spell with another of equivalent spell level upon achieving a new character level
    • Spontaneous Spells
      • When casting a spell spontaneously, suffer 1d6 Drain damage per spell level, to a minimum of 1
  • New Feat:
    • Drain Resistance

      Prerequisites: Ability to cast 0-level or higher spells
      Description: You are able to resist the effects of Drain sustained while casting spells.
      Benefit: Whenever you sustain Drain, reduce the total nonlethal damage by 2, to a minimum of 1.
      Normal: You sustain the total Drain rolled as nonlethal damage.
      Special: This feat may be taken multiple times to increase the amount of Drain resisted by 2. Drain damage can never be resisted fully in this way (minimum 1 Drain damage).

Available Books

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