House Rules

Player Meta Roles


  • All skills are class skills except: Autohypnosis, Control Shape, Disable Device, Iaijutsu Focus, Open Lock, Psicraft, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device, and Use Psionic Device (these are still class skills if normally granted by a selected class)
  • HP is gained at the maximum per Hit Dice per level
  • Heroic Vitality: +3 HP/level
  • +3 bonus skill points per level
  • Feats gained at level 1 & every 2 levels (instead of every 1 & every 3 levels)
  • Free Background feat
  • Free Regional feat
  • Free Zodiac feat
  • Ability points are gained every 2 levels instead of every 4 levels
  • Characters can choose races from available books with a level adjust of up to +1


  • Toughness feat: 3 HP/level, retroactive
  • Craft: Alchemy: Same as normal, but does not require caster levels to use (treat your character level as your caster level)
  • Magic Users: As soon as a character gains access to arcane or divine spells, or a spell-like ability, they must gain one random flaw (UA p.91)
  • Additional Magic Rules: Google Sheet Link

Available Books

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