Problems of a Pathfinder

So, Pathfinder 2 was recently released, and I have run into a conundrum.

First off, I really, really like Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e. However, I have had multiple complaints in the last few years that I am an old stick-in-the-mud, and that I should branch out more. The furthest I have been willing to branch out is Pathfinder 1, and maybe a little 5e, but I inevitably fall back on 3.5e every time.

Enter Pathfinder 2. It’s been released, and I will soon have time to look it over. If I like what I see, I may try to adapt my current custom setting to the PF2 rule set. If not, I will at least re-evaluate some of the things I like from other editions and do my best to be more flexible to incorporate such changes into my setting, given that they still make sense and aren’t so overpowered that they remove all challenge from the game.

I like gaming and I appreciate that everyone wants to have fun at the table. However, I also want to provide a dark, semi-realistic campaign with a higher difficulty level than most casual games. My next step is to balance player fun with campaign depth, while paying particular attention to overall quality.

One more thing: I’ll try to write down my thoughts more frequently since I have a website now and I should probably use it.


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