i close my eyes while facing toward the burning ball above
to see myself directly on the surface of the sun
i listen to the laments of a single cooing dove
while mourning precious memories of love he had once won

as rays of golden white begin to filter through the trees
the raging red then slowly fades to shades of caustic green
my skin is calmly caught up in the kiss of passing breeze
while sunlight starts to creep below and end its daily scene

it sinks into a black horizon to a land of dreams
and mythic worlds and fairy tales and possibilities
the beams begin to struggle through the thin celestial seams
of day and dark to pave the way for nightly entities

i feel the cooling atmosphere while wrapped in midnight air
upon my nape i feel the force of faint nocturnal eyes
that pierce through my persona while serenely standing there
a silent sphere glows softly saying day has finally died

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